About this trek

This 10-day trek (may 17 – 27 2019) has been co-designed by a group of Colombian students at HKS and Impulse Travel. The itinerary we came up with is a combination of original experiences, insight about the transformation process that Colombia is undertaking and a lot of fun and good food.
It is very important for us that the participants of this trek have an immersive travel experience in Colombia. This is why we have crafted some must-do experiences that are included in the base price, and we left free time to take the small group on-demand experiences that will cater to all kinds of interests.
In addition to this, we have added an optional extension (May 27 – May 31, max 15 people) that will be a unique opportunity to go deep into Colombia’s countryside to a place that was one FARC’s stronghold making it a no-go area for more than 30 years. Now this place hidden in the lush green mountains of the Colombian south-west, tells an inspiring story of forgiveness, peace construction and leadership.

Why should I go on this trek?

There is no way you could experience Colombia in such depth if you traveled by your own. First, we leverage on the fact that we are traveling in a medium-size group to make accessible experiences that would be very expensive or impossible to organize otherwise. Second, both Colombian Caucus and Impulse Travel have a lot of connections in Colombia that will allow insider access to many experiences, and also to make possible meetings with influential leaders.



(May 17 – 21)
4 nights, 4 days

Included experiences


(May 21 – 24)
3 nights – 3 days

Included experiences


(May 24 – 27)
3 nights – 3 days

Included experiences



MAY 19th


MAY 22nd OR 23rd


MAY 25th or 26th

Extension Trip: Demine your heart

May 27 - May 30. 15 spots only.

About this trip

This trip is an optional extension to the trip planned for HKS to Colombia. ‘Desmina tu Corazón’ or ‘Demine your heart’ is a project that Impulse Travel developed as a team with the Colombian Campaign Against Mines (CCCM), which is a humanitarian demining NGO. The objective of this collaboration was to create productive opportunities in prioritized areas of post conflict. As a result, we are not only creating an economic impact in this area, but we realized that we found an impressive history of humanization, forgiveness, resilience and elaboration.

$599 all inclusive*

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* Inclusions

  • Transfer out Cartagena
  • Cartagena - Bogotá flight
  • Transfer in Bogotá
  • Dinner at Chichería Demente in Bogotá
  • 1 hotel night in Bogotá
  • Transfer out Bogotá
  • All meals & transfers at Algeciras
  • Bogotá - Neiva - Bogotá flight
  • Rural guest house lodging at Algeciras

Day 1

We will fly from Cartagena to Bogotá on the night of May 27th. In Bogotá we will have a dinner in Tierra Firme, a coworking space where the Impulse Travel headquarters are located. Rodrigo Atuesta, the director of Impulse will be our host and we will be able to talk about the relationship of tourism and peace in Colombia and about Impulse's progress towards this.

Day 2

We will fly early in the morning from Bogotá to Neiva. Upon arrival, we will have breakfast with a delicious traditional meal and leave your bags at the hotel. The rest of the day we will know the immense agricultural wealth of Huila through three farmers who have stories of perseverance in the midst of adversity. We will know how the peace agreements have radically changed the lives of the people of this area, we will share a lunch with a local family and we will have an immersion in the world of coffee at the hands of a young local entrepreneur.

Day 3

The next morning, we will pick you up at 8:00 am to take you to the base camp of the CCCM. We will arrive just in time to have breakfast with the demining teams before they go on their missions. Here we will share the table with the deminers who have been leaders of peace and you will know their examples of forgiveness and transformation.
You will learn the details of the complex demining process, the different types of mines that have contaminated Colombian soils, and also their ways of operating and their deactivation process. We will have lunch in the town of Algeciras and in the afternoon we can enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the local town accompanied by our local guide who will give us a tour of his town.

Day 4

We will fly back from Neiva to Bogotá in the morning.


Accommodation in the 3 cities is included in the price. The hotels chosen have large 3 single-bed rooms, private bathroom, free wifi and breakfast included.
We will have the option to offer private rooms with double bed for those traveling with their significant other. This option will have a small surcharge.

Bogotá: 93 Luxury Suites & Residences

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Medellin: Tryp Hotel

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Cartagena: Hotel Capilla del Mar

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$1,250 aprox* (early bird), $1,450 (full price).
60 spots only. First come, first served.
Includes: 2 domestic flights, accommodation and breakfast, 5 meals, all included experiences.

*The final price of the trip can vary according to the amount of people that will pre-inscribe (The more travelers, lower the price). The final price will be announced on November 12.

The deposit will be $300 per person. This deposit is non-refundable.
Important dates:

November 12 - November 27: Early Bird price and deadline to make deposit.
November 28 - January 20: Full price phase.
January 31: Deadline to pay full amount (both early bird and full price)


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in joining the Colombia Trek 2019 by November 11th. We will calculate the final price based on this pre-inscription and will keep you updated about this and other relevant information.

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